Pamela Hillebrandt

Pamela Hillebrandt

You are looking for an expert? You do not have the time and nerv to handle your website, to write texts, translate them and even do all the marketing? Your enterprise does not have a marketing department for diverse reasons? You do not need PR around the clock, but project- or product-launching related but not by a full-time employee? Budget is irregular, but you still need someone who knows all about it and takes care of it all – at least when needed?

You might have thought about outsourcing… Delegate tasks without the burden of a contract position, a long application process and fixed personnell costs. will deal with the whole package or single parts. Book basic, extend to medium with you special demands or do the full monty with advanced.

In case packages do not match you needs, just book what you need in single units. Should it extend into larger services we will tie it down into packages again in order to keep your expenses down.

If you can not identify with the following categories, do not hesitate to send us a request with information about your enterprise for us to make you an offer.

About me

After studying media communication and foreign languages I ventured out on various national as well as international trips and into every kind of communication and entertainment, behind and in front of the camera. I then was lucky to experience nine years of fast and multi-faceted news business of N24 news within Pro7Sat.1 Media AG. My career once started off with being director of our school theater, going on to editor of the local newspaper and straight into being interimspresenter of Radio Funchal on the dream island of Madeira before jumping into broadcast and then content manager.

I have been thrown in at every deep end: tragic air-planes crashes, the unbelievable attacks of 9/11, the devastating tsunami of 2004, the comings and goings of kings, popes and presidents, national and international elections, royal weddings, and also two successfull restructurings of the channel. Both the producing and the describing side where full of the challenges of the media business.

Freelancing for BBC, managing the press- and marketing department of the diverse japanese 4U GmbH and successfully commissioning a project for the Goethe Institut London round up my experiences.

Long-term engagements on various national and international fairs and exhibitions have also allowed a global insight into the many ways of product and company presentation and the effect on the (trade) market. Managing exhibitions has become a very special field of mine.

All this has now been wrapped into the package

Media and its possibilities fascinate me! They enable me and my customers a kind of freedom and diversity that I will harvest and offer in all ways possible.