Solutions for every step with your work in new media:

MarketingWell-directed online marketing is a big part in increasing brand awareness of your company or product. It improves your web presence, increases the value of the content and optimises internal and external communication by means of classic and new media distribution for your perfect marketing.


1. Analysis:

product analysis, market analysis, web apearance analysis. market orientation/ -positioning

2. Aim:

your individual target, i.e. optimisation of your on- and offline appearance, optimisation of ranking in search engines, networks, content – or your web-debut.

3. Concept developement, developement of strategies for the presentation of your product or enterprise and a better ranking and publicity.

4. Tools (on- and off-page):

viral marketing, dialog-Marketing, email-marketing, Web2.0 ff, ad-words, ,

SEO, SEM, newsletter, articles describing your product and enterprise, short portraits,webwording, ad-words, commercial texts, press releases including online-distribution, entry in databases, running blogs and forums, social media such as twitter, facebook, xing etc., content service, intranet, translations, classic advertising.

5. Wrap-up

monitoring, documenting, evaluation

Off-line marketing

merchandise, flyer, banners etc.

eventmanagement and trade fair participation on demand.


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